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Nina Borgia-Aberle
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Nina Borgia-AberleI have earned my living as an artist for the past 30 years. As an artist I am able to engage both my head and my heart by creating with my hands. My work as an artist helps me develop a deeper connection with others and the world around me. I have worn many hats during my career including sculptor, public artist, teaching artist, and donor recognition artist. My primary medium is ceramics with a specialty in architectural tile. My ceramic tile invites touch, engaging viewers to interact with the work on a more intimate level.

I am passionate about the work I do as a donor recognition artist. I am in awe of the important work that nonprofits do each and every day in our communities. I have created many types of donor recognition for over 30 organizations. An important and rewarding aspect of my process is learning about each organization so I can represent their unique role in the community. Another rewarding aspect of my donor recognition work is seeing the delight, gratitude and connection that donors and visitors experience through the art.


Kate Keelen
Studio Assistant Extraordinaire!Kate Keelen

Kate graduated from Tulane University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics.  Her interests include wheel throwing and ceramic sculpture. Kate has worked as my studio assistant and production manager for four years. As production manager, Kate keeps all our projects moving forward and completed on time.  Kate is constantly improving our efficiency. She also does all our in house Photoshop. In her spare time Kate likes to hike and has found Hohokam pottery shards in the desert near her home.  She and her fiancé Nick started an all-organic cotton candy business called Spun Light.  On the weekends, you will often find them spinning exotic cotton candy at events and fairs in Tucson and Phoenix.

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