Memorial Walls / Hospice Walls

Memorial walls lend themselves to using symbolic imagery to communicate larger ideas. I work with the client to choose an image that resonates with them and then repeat that image to form a pattern.  I have used angel wings, lotus flowers, native flowers, and garden gates.

The tile panels are designed to add to the meditative environment within the space offering family members an opportunity to find a moment of calm and peace when needed.  The memorial wall gives the family members a way to honor their loved one with the placement of their name within the panel. These tiles can be removed and sent to the family in a frame.


Morristown Medical Center Memorial Wall
Memorial Wall, Morristown New Jersey, 2014, ceramic tile
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Morristown Medical Center


Casa de la Luz, Memorial Hospice Wall
“Conmemorativo de Luz”, (“Memorial of Light”) Tucson, AZ, 2006, Ceramic tile and glass tile
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Casa de la Luz, Memorial Hospice Wall


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